Justin is a business owner, DJ and content creator who used but it never used to be that way.

He was stuck in a boring office job and didn’t have any motivation to really do what he loved, and he was losing interest in his main job and became more distracted by his passion for DJ’ing.

This journey started nearly 10 years ago when he met Scot McKay, a dating and relationship coach who changed his mindset, and said that in order to attract the right person, you had to change yourself into someone you wanted to attract – Scot’s main mindset driver was “Deserve What You Want”

Justin worked intensively with Scot and slowly he noticed a change within a week of starting his courses, after he finished working with Scot he discovered a social media and successful business owner in Gary Vaynerchuk who transformed Justin’s thinking and catapulted him into becoming a business owner running a DJ business while creating a podcast and coming up with content creation ideas for others.

Since 2017, Justin has built a small team of people who help him with his business but they also allow him to explore ideas outside of DJ’ing and this is how Coach Cast was developed, he wanted to share the passion on how coaching changed him and others and his good friend Darren happened to looking for someone to spread the word of coaching as he embarked on his own business development journey.

Together they have already completed one season of Coach Cast and it finished with a bang when Dr Marcia Reynolds PsyD sat down with Darren to discuss everything coaching.


Darren is the owner of a Coaching practice specialising in the field of health and social care covering the London and South East England region of the UK. He also has over 20 years’ experience in senior management roles in the health and social care field, specialising in adult mental health and healthcare teaching. But just how did this happen? Well, it’s a simple tale of being in the right place at the right time and a realisation that I had stumbled across something very special.

In 2015, having just completed a large body of study, I was asked to be part of a management coaching development program by my employer. Given the large volume of study I had just completed, I was less than enthralled and felt this was something that was being imposed upon me. And thank goodness it was! My first introduction to the world of coaching was something which grabbed my attention from the end of the first day of training.

 I quickly realised that many of the improvements and developments that I wished to see in my work role stood a much greater chance of both success and sustainment through the application of coaching. Other areas of support were important in this process but all seemed inconsequential without proper, considered coaching to run alongside them. Armed with my new qualification and with an eagerness to put coaching to work within my teams, I was amazed at what we could collectively achieve when equipped with new tools and ways of altering our mindset and perceptions of what is achievable.

Anyone who knows me knows just how important evidence is to me. With the application of coaching in the workplace, I was able to quickly build a body of evidence that highlighted the ability of coaching processes to deliver so many of the things we often desire in and from our work yet which are otherwise difficult to realise. As a consequence, I committed to furthering my knowledge and application of coaching and was determined to continue utilising these skills and tools with other teams, managers and directors in the field of health and social care. Since then I have acquired ICF accredited diplomas in personal performance and small business coaching, studied for regular CPD accreditation to complement and further my application of coaching and am trained in and professionally authorised to use a range of complimentary personality profiling tools to further assist the development of working relationships and application.

I truly love coaching, love seeing the positive outcomes that emerge from it and yes, I am the recipient of regular coaching myself.