Episode 8 – Business Coaching Focus – Sales and Marketing – Why? – Bruce King

Episode 8 – Business Coaching Focus – Sales and Marketing – Why? – Bruce King

The Coach Cast Episode 8 – Bruce King

It’s part two of the three part business special and it’s all well and good having a great product or service but how do you sell or market it to your customer.

Darren and Justin talk to Bruce King a sales, marketing and personal growth coach from www.bruceking.co.uk and co-founder of The Rainmakers Club, a free online resource for anyone wanting to improve and accelrate their business skills.

He brings a wealth of experience and blows us away with how simple selling, marketing and growth can be and strips it down so everyone can understand while having fun along the way.


Bruce King


The Rainmakers Club


Darren Odell

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Inspirational Quotes


“Most people do not realise they have the potential to achieve greatness and because they do not, they don’t commit the time, make the sacrifices, overcome their fears, exprience the failures, and keep to a plan long enough to become amongst the very best in the world to become World Class in their chosen field.

Most people just occasionally flirt with success instead of making a lifelong commitment to it, but it’s not a question of can you because anyone can, the question is simply do you want to and will you do what it takes” – Bruce King


“Your attitude and not your aptitude will ultimately determine your altitude” – Zig Ziegler


“Laziness comes you’re chasing money, instead of a game where you love the process” – Gary Vaynerchuk

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