Episode 9 – Business Coaching Focus – Q&A – Darrin Murriner

Episode 9 – Business Coaching Focus – Q&A – Darrin Murriner

The Coach Cast Episode 9 – Darrin Murriner

It’s part three of the of our business focus series and we opened it up to our community and you asked so many questions that we had to narrow it down to five.

Darren and Justin talk to Darrin Murriner, CEO of Cloverleaf which is an organisation laser focused on personal growth and development but he’s also a published author with his top selling book “Corporate Bravery” which looks at eliminating fear based cultures in the work environment.

The Two Darrens (or Darrins) sit down with Justin and go through each questions and cover everything from staying energised to marketing your business.


Darrin Murriner – CEO of Cloverleaf and Author of Corporate Bravery


Story Brand by Donald Miller

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Inspirational Quotes


“Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game” – Babe Ruth – New York Yankees Baseball Player


“When are you surrounded by people who share a passionate commitment around a common purpose…anything is possible” – Howard Schultz


“Recognize your limitations and build a team that compliments your strengths but also your weaknesses” – How to Lead – Jo Owen

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