Help! I’m a PERFECTIONIST – Camy Kennedy

The Coach Cast – Camy Kennedy – Help! I’m a PERFECTIONIST

Darren and Justin talk to Camy Kennedy a coach that uses your spirit, body and mind to help you deal with being a perfectionist.

In this honest, self aware Camy, Darren and Justin find out discover how they beat their own perfectionism and how they used it to help others, whilst also discovering the many tools you can use to overcome it yourself.

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Inspirational Quotes:

Camy Kennedy:

“It’s not about perfection, it’s about practicing your potential”


Darren Odell

“Being a perfectionist, reflects ultimate lack of self acceptance”

Laura Burnham Fortgang

“When you stop expecting people to be perfect you can like them for you they are”

Donald Miller – A Million Miles in a thousand years

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